Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rice Cooker Mahi Mahi


Mahi Mahi (however much you can eat/fit into your rice cooker)
Rice (again, how much do you feel like eating? Put that much in your rice cooker)

For the fish rub:

1 Tb minced ginger
2 Tb sesame oil
2 Tb soy sauce

Green onions and cilantro for garnish


Start the rice cooker. While the rice is cooking pour the fish rub mixture over the fillets and let them soak up the goodness. Wait until the rice has about 6 minutes left (I couldn’t really tell, so I just forced the button into the “cook” position since I waited until the rice was pretty much ready to eat. It didn’t matter.) and then lay the mahi mahi on top of the rice. Close the lid and let the fish steam until it flakes apart with a fork. Garnish with chopped green onion and plenty of cilantro.

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