Sunday, February 7, 2016

Raspberry Cream Cheese Pan-Crepes

Ingredients for 4 servings

¼ teaspoon Salt
1 cup Fat Free Milk
1 cup Spelt Flour
1 large Egg
1 tablespoon Baking Powder
2 ½ cups frozen raspberries, thawed, mashed & divided into two 1 cup portions (for the pan-crepes & raspberry sauce) and a 1/2 cup portion (for the cream cheese filling)
6 ounces softened reduced fat Cream Cheese (not whipped) - divide into 2 & 4 ounce portions
a few ounces of fresh Raspberries for topping
cooking Spray or Butter
toasted Pecans or Walnuts for topping
Vanilla Stevia Drops, or your favorite natural sweetener to taste


For Cream Cheese Filling

Combine ½ cup thawed, mashed raspberries with 4 ounces cream cheese. Add stevia or natural sweetener to taste. Store in the refrigerator until ready to use.

Raspberry Sauce

Mash 1 cup of thawed raspberries with some stevia or natural sweetener to taste. You can heat in a saucepan or microwave if you wish. This sauce is best hot or at room temperature.

Crepe Batter

Whisk together spelt flour, baking powder and salt. Puree flour mixture in blender with egg, milk, stevia drops, softened cream cheese and 1 cup thawed raspberries. Put batter in the plastic squeeze bottle.


Spray or use a small pat of butter into a large non stick skillet or griddle with heat set to medium high. Make a heart shape outline with the batter. Fill the heart by squirting in more batter. Let pan-crepe cook a few minutes until it is lightly browned on the bottom and appears cooked through. If they start cooking too quickly reduce the heat to medium. Spray or butter pan in between batches of crepes. Set cooked pan-crepes aside and finish cooking the batter.


Layer pan-crepes with cream cheese filling, some raspberry sauce & top them with fresh raspberries and toasted nuts.

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