Monday, August 3, 2015

Olive Oil Mayonnaise


3 egg yolks from very fresh free-range eggs
200 ml of olive oil, preferably extra virgin olive oil
freshly ground white or black pepper
freshly sqeezed juice of half a lemon
salt - sea salt if you have it


Beat the three egg yolks together with an electric blender, mixer or food processor.

You can make mayonnaise by hand with a whisk, but be aware that it will take some beating. TIP: place a damp cloth under the bowl to help keep it in firmly in place whilst you work.

With the blender still running, slowly add the olive oil to the beaten eggs one drop at a time, keeping the blender running in-between each addition.

Make sure that each drop of olive oil is fully incorporated before adding the next.

This first part of blending in the olive oil is the most important: you are looking for the eggs and oil to form an emulsion together. Check the mixture after a few additions of oil and if it the eggs and oil appear to have combined well - i.e there is no sign of oil sitting around the sides of the bowl or in globules on the surface - continue to add the remaining oil, but this time in a slow trickle.

Blend in part or all of the lemon juice, depending on your preferred consistency and how sharp sharp you prefer your mayonnaise to taste.

Season with the salt and pepper to your taste.

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