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Tuna Pasta Recipe

Ingredients for 2 servings

2 cloves of garlic (or 1 if you're less keen)
15g/0.5oz (20 stalks) of fresh parsley (or coriander if you prefer)
180g/6.3oz tin of tuna (in brine or oil)
200g/7oz short pasta (fusilli/orechiette etc.)
400g/14oz can of plum or chopped tomatoes
dried chili peppers/flakes or black pepper (optional)
extra virgin olive oil
tomato paste/purée (recommended, but optional)


Peel garlic cloves and chop off ends. Very finely chop one clove (or pass through garlic crusher), then drop in a mixing bowl. Quarter second clove for later.

Wash parsley and remove leaves. Chop these roughly and throw half of them in the mixing bowl.

Drain tuna and add to mixing bowl with chopped garlic.

Use fork to break tuna into small pieces, then thoroughly mix.

Boil a kettle or two of water (2 – 2.5 litres), pour in a large pasta pan on a medium heat with two handfuls of salt. Keep hot for later.

Cover half base of a frying pan in oil and put on medium heat hob. When hot, add quartered garlic clove and second batch of parsley.

Fry until garlic turns golden (roughly 4-5 mins). When golden, throw garlic chunks away if you don’t like crunching these.

Add tin of tomatoes (and juice) to the frying pan, plus 2 teaspoons of salt and squirt of optional tomato paste (for stronger tomato flavour).

Cover if possible and fry for 4-5 minutes. If using plum tomatoes, they will now have softened, so break apart with a fork.

Uncover pan and cook sauce for another 10-15 mins, stirring regularly, until most of liquid has evaporated.

Taste sauce after 10 mins. Taste sour? If so, sprinkle in small pinch of sugar (this removes the remaining acidity).

When sauce is done, keep warm on a minimum heat hob.

When your pan of pasta water is boiling, throw in pasta and cook as per packet’s instructions (usually 10 mins).

When pasta is ready, drain.

Spoon pasta into tuna-filled mixing bowl, pour sauce on top and gently stir through.

Add a pinch or two of black pepper or dried chili flakes – as you like (not essential).

Serve with a ‘sprig’ (small piece) of parsley on top. 

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