Thursday, February 12, 2015

Raspberry Brownie Parfait With Mascarpone Whip

Ingredients for 4-6 servings

For the Brownies:
brownies, cooked, cooled and cubed

For the Berries:
¼ cup granulated sugar
1 drop pure orange essential oil
18 ounces frozen raspberries, thawed

For the Mascarpone Whip:
¼ cup sugar
¾ cup heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 - 2 drops pure orange essential oil
8 ounces mascarpone cheese


Prepare your favorite brownies - mine are Homemade Fudgy Brownies. Cool and then cut them into about ¾" to 1" cubes. Set aside.

Combine the raspberries, orange oil, and ¼ cup sugar in a bowl. Stir until well-mixed, and set aside.

In a medium bowl, combine the mascarpone, heavy cream, orange oil vanilla, and ¼ cup of sugar. (I use powdered sugar because I like that you don't have any accidental sugar granules that don't dissolve, but it's not necessary.) Beat the mascarpone mixture with an electric mixer until medium-firm peaks form.

To assemble, place a few brownie chunks in the bottom of 6 individual dessert cups (small juice glasses work well for this). Top the brownies with about 2 ½ tablespoons of the mascarpone mixture, then with about 3 tablespoons of raspberries. Repeat until all the elements have been evenly divided among the cups.

You can also serve this in a large trifle bowl, but I think mini, individual servings are cute for entertaining. Refrigerate until serving. Serve chilled.

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